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"No" Leads The Brookhaven Cityhood $ Race

Somewhat lost amid the clamor of the T-SPLOST debate have been the dueling campaigns on either side of the Brookhaven cityhood question. Reporter Newspapers' Dan Whisenhunt has an interesting piece out this morning about the money race between the "No City Brookhaven" and "Brookhaven Yes" movements. Curiously, two of Atlanta's most prominent businessmen- Tom Cousins and John Imlay are backing the fight against Brookhaven joining the slate of new'ish metro Atlanta area cities like Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and Johns Creek. Though the dollar figures involved in the campaigns of this contentious issue are small in comparison to T-SPLOST (a total of $110k on both sides vs. millions of dollars), passions don't seem any less stirred. [Reporter Newspapers]