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The W Midtown Pool; Atlanta Milestones- 16 and 148 Years Past

The Roundup from Curbed highlights interesting stories in the Atlanta medias over the past few days.

Midtown— the pool atop the W Hotel Midtown (next to Colony Square) has been declared one of "America's Best Rooftop Hotel Pools" by travel guidebook publisher extraordinaire Frommer's. Chilled towels, complimentary fruit trays and the "Silent Sunday" un-party seem to have wooed the editors. [Frommer's]

The City of Atlanta— as the start of the Summer Olympics in London approaches, it's time for the quadrennial look back at the '96 Olympics right here in Atlanta. Atlanta's favorite alt-weekly has published a particularly thorough trip down memory lane and back to present. [Creative Loafing]

The Year 1864yesterday was the 148th anniversary of the Battle of Atlanta, which- contrary to popular belief- is not the day Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground. Rather, it was a rather bloody battle (12,000 perished) that set up the unfortunate burning of our fair city. [Atlanta]