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The Must-Read T-SPLOST Resource

Its name alone likely invites scorn from a good portion of Atlanta's relatively conservative population. And its gleeful embrasure of all that's important and strange (or both) in this almost schizophrenically-diverse patchwork of communities that is metro Atlanta probably offends on a weekly basis. But following tectonic shifts in the Atlanta media landscape over the last decade, Creative Loafing- the little alt-weekly that could- has emerged as one of the city's few remaining sources of high-quality journalism (and yeah- that's a swipe at you, AJC). For those that need hard evidence of these platitudes, look no further than CL's coverage of the T-SPLOST issue. Informative, accessible, rich in context and ACTUALLY fair and balanced (though they do provide a recommendation on your vote, it's marvelously logic and fact-based), this collection of information and analysis should win awards, and more importantly, be read by every voter looking to make an informed vote on the T-SPLOST issue. Bonus: IT'S FREE. Do it. [Creative Loafing]

Creative Loafing

231 18th St., Ste. 8150 , Atlanta, GA 30363