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Major New Inman Park Mixed-Use Project Winds Through the Approval Process

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The development team behind the proposed 280 Elizabeth Street project cleared a major hurdle last week, winning approval from one of the city's toughest audiences: the Inman Park Neighborhood Association. Though there are several more City of Atlanta approvals to be obtained, getting past Inman Park- "where everyone's a zoning attorney"- is a significant step towards getting the mixed-use project built. Slated to bring just over 200 apartments and nearly 40,000 square feet of retail space, 280 Elizabeth is being developed in a collaboration between South City Partners (helmed by Novare and Wood Partners multifamily veterans) and JPX, LLC, an entity controlled by Jarel Portman (yes, of those Portmans). Though it's not evident from the site plan, a tipster informs us that the developers have agreed to give the development a unique architectural design with five different facades to help the structure's street frontages blend into the various corridors it will face on the corner property. Our source also spoke of a green corridor that will bisect the buildings, activating the pond on the site and potentially creating a "green alley" for some of the retail space- sounds like a lovely place for restaurants.

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