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A Secret Bar Behind a Bookshelf; Free Shots for the Olympics

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OLD FOURTH WARD— Pizzeria Vesuvius has reopened, this time in the hands of the people behind P’cheen and the forthcoming Bone Lick BBQ. The restaurant has some new pies and some secrets— like a speakeasy in a hidden room that’s accessible only by pulling out a certain book out of a bookshelf in the back of the space. Head over to Eater for the scoop.

CITYWIDE— A few places are running Olympic specials to celebrate the games and the Opening Ceremony, which is tonight. Get free shots for wearing your national colors to P’cheen after 7:30 this evening. Find out what other Olympic deals are going on here.
BUCKHEAD— Ford Fry himself has announced that he’s opening a new eatery early next year. The chef of No. 246, JCT Kitchen, and, most recently, The Optimist fame will be taking his talents to what will soon be the shuttered Nava spot. Expect the Southwestern restaurant to close by the end of August.

SANDY SPRINGS— The Italian Cibo e Beve has been open for twelve months now. Find out what owner Steve Buero and chef/managing partner Linda Harrell have to say about the last year (it was great) and what’s next for the restaurant (brunch!) over on One Year In.