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Arts and Crafts Meets Mod in an Unorthodox Va-Hi Residence

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New construction that references Atlanta’s bevy of Arts and Crafts style bungalows isn’t uncommon - in fact, it’s become something of a given in the city’s more popular neighborhoods. Thankfully, this 2005 charmer displays a refreshingly different take on an old look, and the results are pretty damn, well, sexy. Clean white stucco, dark trim, and deeply overhanging eaves are a nice relief from the usual cedar shake + tapered column facade combo so prevalent around town. So it’s a little on the small side compared to the other Va-Hi 2000s offerings on the market, but that means it’s also about $300,000 less than the competition. Interior-wise there aren’t too many surprises; things are kept understated for the most part as a neutral background for the seller’s enviable furniture and art collection. The real kicker’s out back in the form of a long, shimmering pool and spa, which isn’t really what you’d expect to find in this neighborhood. It’s no secret that water features such as this can be a deal killer, but the city's weather this time of year is just hellish enough to make one almost reconsider those pesky concerns about safety and maintenance.

· 868 Rosedale Road [Zillow / Harry Norman]