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All Eyes on Atlanta...Including the Competition

It's almost all T-SPLOST all the time today (check the Comments section on the Cobb underage drinking crackdown post for a beautiful pivot toward T-SPLOST from T.B.)- and not just in Atlanta. An article from the Dallas Morning News Transportation blog underscores one of T-SPLOST proponents' key arguments, which is that Atlanta needs to upgrade its transportation infrastructure to be able to compete for jobs with other major Sunbelt cities like Dallas and Charlotte. It seems folks in northern Texas have been grappling with some of the same issues as their counterparts in northern Georgia, but the Texas legislature has not been able to deliver its constituents an opportunity like the one afforded Georgians today, i.e. the chance to vote on a sales tax to raise funds for transportation projects. We should know in a few short hours whether Georgia seized the moment to get a leg up on rivals to the west and north. [Dallas Morning News]