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Cobb Cracks Down on Teen Boozing, But It's OK- ATL 'Burbs Teens Prefer Heroin

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Keeping teenagers from drinking alcohol is like keeping cool in a black car with black leather seats and a broken air conditioner on a July day in Atlanta (i.e. it's really hard, if not impossible). Nonetheless, teens are known to do some extraordinarily stupid things while not drinking, so keeping them off the sauce is probably a good idea. In a blow to Cobb County teens with a friend with "cool" parents, the county just passed an social host ordinance that penalizes parents for allowing teens to drink in their homes (this in addition to laws against furnishing alcohol to minors already on the books). Will this help keep teens from getting alcohol? Possibly. More importantly, it could curb extraordinarily stupid adult behavior. In semi-related news, alcohol may be the least of our worries.

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