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Will There Ever Be a Grocer on Piedmont Near Lindbergh?

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In spite of the fact that is passes through numerous residential neighborhoods, contains access points for both highways (I-85 and GA 400) and public transportation (the Lindbergh MARTA station) AND serves as one of intown Atlanta's primary arterial surface streets, Piedmont Road does not have a single grocery store in the 3.3 mile stretch between its intersections with Peachtree Road in Buckhead and Monroe Drive in Piedmont Heights. City officials and real estate developers alike have attempted to remedy this situation for years now, but Neighborhood Planning Unit B and the developer Sembler just can't seem to get on the same page with plans to add additional retail space to the Lindbergh area. The most recent setback comes with an NPU-B vote to deny Sembler's latest re-zoning request; as it turns out, the Florida-based owner of projects like Town Brookhaven and the Edgewood Retail District hoped to put a big box Walmart on the site instead of a grocery store (we assume the Walmart would carry groceries). Though the article cites news that the Target at Lindbergh Plaza will expand to include fresh foods in its grocery section, one has to wonder if anti-Walmart sentiment is a factor in the decision.

· NPU-B board also nixes Lindbergh area ‘big box’ development; hears hope for saving historic house [BuckheadView]