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A Dusty Newnan Edwardian Ravaged by 1970's DIY

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As opposed to past houses in this snarkier than usual feature, it's not hard to see the potential in this Newnan dowager countess. Let's be honest: if a home's visual offensiveness is original to, say, a 1985 construction date, there's not much else you can do than rip everything out and start fresh. Dating from 1908, the Jordan House exhibits some pretty killer late Queen Anne architecture under all those layers of dreadfulness. Maybe we've had too much of the HGTV Kool-Aid. It commands attention on a slight rise with its turret, bay window, and other original features, but the metal awning and squalid landscaping hint that things get worse on the inside. Do-it-yourself renovation became mainstream in the 1970s, and it appears this was one of its many victims. Enter the front door, and you're met with a mess of pumpkin-colored carpeting; spackled ceilings give off the impression that imperfections needed a hasty cover-up. Those Dynasty-worthy window treatments are rather luscious, aren't they? Kitchens are usually a highlight of any TRH post, and the one here doesn't disappoint. Acoustic tile, vinyl flooring in "50 Shades of Urine," and chintzy cabinetry are topped of with a healthy dose of cheap wood paneling. The awfulness continues in just about every other room but it's nothing a crowbar and multiple dumpsters couldn't remedy. If you've got $99,900, a taste for small town living and the number for a great contractor, look no further.

· 61 Pinson Street, Newnan, GA 30263 [Trulia]