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(Finally) An End To Our T-SPLOST Coverage (For Now)

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We'll end the day (and our incessant coverage of T-SPLOST) with a wrap of coverage on the transportation bill's defeat from around the medias. Each of the below provides an interesting angle on the story, starting with the outsiders' view on Next American City. Shifting back to local coverage, BuckheadView goes with a letter seeking "what next?" input written by a GOP State Senator that's rife with interesting snippets of his constituents' comments on the bill, while Creative Loafing provides a look at Mayor Kasim Reed's optimism and persistence in the wake of the defeat of one of his political career's signature issues. The AJC offers looks at the perceived ascendance of the Tea Party as they get a lot of credit for defeating the T-SPLOST referendum and Governor Nathan Deal's signals that he's going to take the helm of the SS Georgia Transportation Infrastructure. Finally, WABE looks in on two of T-SPLOST other vanquishers (the Sierra Club & the NAACP) and their "Plan B's." Exhausted? So are we. Tomorrow's a new day.

· Atlanta Votes Down Transportation Tax [Next American City]
· Buckhead's State Rep. Ed Lindsey seeks constituent input after voter rejection of T-SPLOST [BuckheadView]
· ATL voters overwhelmingly reject transportation tax; supporters, incl. Mayor Reed, promise not to give up [Creative Loafing]
· Tea Party notches a big win in T-SPLOST loss [AJC]
· Nathan Deal’s Plan B: Governor intends to step into transportation vacuum [AJC]
· Voters Reject T-SPLOST, Opponents Talk Plan B [WABE]