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Escape the Wrath of T-SPLOST Failure in This Rather Fetching Inman Park Loft

Well, T-SPLOST didn't pass (we're not quite ready to let go of this yet). As "Yes" voters alternately weep and curse into their lattes and organic fare and "No" voters wave 'Don't Tread on Me' flags and dance gleefully in giant parking lots filled with the exhaust fumes of their enormous trucks and SUV's, we're moving on...and preparing for a life where T-SPLOST is irrelevant. Among the neighborhoods one could live this new life is Inman Park. Not only is it the reigning Curbed Cup champion, but it's on an existing MARTA line, a nearly-finished section of The BeltLine and generally close to a ton of places to work, play, eat and shop. These digs we found there aren't too shabs, either. This Brickworks loft has roomy loft livability, modern comforts blended with classic exposed brick surfaces and access to great schools. 2 beds and 3 baths in 1615 square feet (with 1 parking spot) can be yours for $295,000. Always remember- there may be Two Georgias, but there's only one Inman Park.

· 600 Brickworks Circle NE Unit 6101 [PalmerHouse Properties]