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The Bouncer from Ormsby's; Game Day Sushi; More

WESTSIDE— This month's featured Gatekeeper is Chewie, the bouncer at Ormsby's. He talks with Eater about fake IDs, kicking people out of the bar, bribes, and sitting in Ben Stiller's car over on the site.

DOWNTOWN— Now you can get Genki sushi at the Georgia Dome. The restaurant has two kiosks inside the stadium, both of which started serving today. Maybe sake and yakisoba will become the new beer and a burger.
BUCKHEAD— Suzanne Vizethann's new restaurant Buttermilk Kitchen will open next month near Chastain Park. It'll be a breakfast and lunch spot, except on Fried Chicken Night. Head over to Eater to get the details on the spot, which the Chopped champion calls "more than a restaurant."

OLD FOURTH WARD— There's a speakeasy in the back of Pizzeria Vesuvius, if you haven't heard. The bar serves classics like negronis and old-fashioneds as well as a whole slew of boilermakers, and it can only be entered via a door that reveals itself once you pull the right book off of the bookshelf.