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Midtown's Crum & Forster Building: "Kiss My Masonry A$$"

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The rear end of Midtown’s Crum and Forster building came out victorious Wednesday night, thanks to a unanimous vote by Atlanta’s Urban Design Commission. In a rare move, the entire seven member body elected to reject the findings of a an Economic Review Panel that sided with the Georgia Tech Foundation’s plan to demolish the rear 2/3 of the 1928 structure for the purpose of building a computing center. It’s the culmination of a four year preservation battle that started when the Tech Foundation bought the building with the creative intent of utilizing the space for surface parking. When they came back with a plan to save only part of the Italian Renaissance show-off, preservationists were not amused. Looks like it’s back to the CAD screen. Excluding the possible outcome of a lawsuit pending in Fulton County Superior Court, (led by the Tech Foundation against the city’s decision to landmark the structure), no demolition permit is gonna bring down this former house of insurance any time soon.

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