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As the Walls Come Alive, So Does a City (And the City We Refer To is Atlanta)

That the Living Walls Conference is but one of several prominent public art projects taking place in and around Atlanta these days is a pretty big deal (a sampling of others: flux projects, Streets Alive, Art on the BeltLine). Indeed, for many years, Atlanta's notorious lack of density and other factors kept much of its most interesting art confined to museums and galleries. Now in its third year, Living Walls has become a bona fide institution (albeit one with an alternative bent), not only providing Atlanta with a solution to its many exposed, drab walls, but also serving as a kind of clarion call for celebrating urbanism heretofore unheard in the ATL. We'll not say much more, as the folks over at Creative Loafing have written a definitive piece on LWC2012. But suffice it to say we're excited to begin hitting the streets with our treasure map.

· Living Walls Conference 2012 [official site]
· Living Walls reconnects Atlantans with their city one wall at a time [Creative Loafing]

Creative Loafing

231 18th St., Ste. 8150 , Atlanta, GA 30363