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Everyone Enjoys a Gander of a Midtown Penthouse, Yes?

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We're always game to take a look at a Midtown penthouse, and the colorful palette and giant decorative tusks that serve as the exclamation point for this spread in the Aqua building made it impossible to ignore. We were particularly struck by the large, lofty feel of the primary living spaces in this condominium...such open spaces are somewhat unusual in the generation of buildings that went up during the mid-aught boom (this one was built in 2007). There's 3 beds and 3.5 baths spread over a generous 3500+ square evidenced by the bunks in one of the bedrooms, clearly this is a high-rise home that can handle a family. The ample space, slick decor and high-end finishes can be yours for the seemingly reasonable $990,000.

· 20 10th Street, Unit 2401 [Estately]