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Retro Downtown Hotel Might Go-Go for 18 Story GSU Tower

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It seems like there’s just no stopping Georgia State University from remaking the eastern side of downtown into “Panther Town.” Nary a semester goes by without the announcement of a building/land acquisition or development that’ll further transform the school’s identity from commuter campus to something more full fledged. Obviously a huge part of that process has been housing more students on-site. The latest dirt? An 18 story mixed use tower that could house 254 residential units and a dash of commercial space is being proposed for the corner of John Wesley Dobbs Avenue and Courtland Street, a block west of two other major GSU residence halls. Ambling University Development Group would head the project; the prolific developer also had a hand in building GSU’s massive University Commons facility, which maxes out at 15 stories and sleeps 2,000. We're assuming that construction of the tower would require demolition of the decrepit 1964 hotel and parking deck that’s been moldering since 2005, but a scheme in the marketing materials of the seller illustrates how 520 beds could be accommodated by the present mid-century modern structure. Sounds like a plan DOCOMOMO could get behind.

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