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Days Numbered for This Truman Era Brookhaven Pad?

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[Images via Clickscape]

This 1948 Brookhaven ranch manse comes across as a mixed bag. Location-wise it's right on point: the prestigious halls of the Capital City Club are close enough to smell. But its clunky take on normally desirable midcentury modern style occupying two pretty acres of desirable land might not bode well for its survival. The bright entryway has potential with its huge corner window (is that what the listing refers to as "first of its kind?") and a dramatic staircase; on the other hand, the preponderance of decorative brick might have the new owner poring over paint chips and flooring samples. Also, does anyone have the number for a good ceiling scraper? Some interesting things are going on in the kitchen, where it appears the original cabinetry and a massive double oven were supplemented with new counters, fixtures, and appliances. We're told that the master bathroom has been updated, although it's difficult to ascertain in which decade that occurred. On the plus side the house does feature an interesting floorplan, nice hardwoods, and a swell backyard, but it might not be enough for this generation of Brookhaven buyers.

· 4030 Club Drive, Atlanta, GA 30319 [Clickscape]