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Georgia's School Reputability Takes Yet Another Hit

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Here's some news no one wanted to hear: Georgia's high school graduation rate is even more dismal than previously thought. How about twice as bad? The new number, (a 67% graduation rate as opposed to the previous 81%), is the result of stricter federal standards for measuring such things, as well as what might be another number fudging affair. Yep, another one of those, as if the Atlanta Public Schools scandal wasn't fun enough. Current school chief John Barge doesn't think a state-wide conspiracy occurred, but former schools superintendent Kathy Cox isn't so confident. To add insult to injury, Emory University has revealed that it played around with students' SAT and ACT scores under the eyes of former admissions deans in an effort to boost rankings. The private "Kudzu League" institution usually maintains an impeccable image - remember the Dalai Lama's stay? - so the disappointment has been all the more startling. Whoever said no publicity is bad publicity obviously never spent time in this state.

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