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Plans Emerging for a Westside "Italian Village"...of Food

Atlanta's never really had anything comparable to a Little Italy, and we probably never will. Our immigrant cuisine has tended to be of the Latin American and Asian variety, and it's concentrated on a highway strip that's nothing if not hellish. However, if Giovanni Di Palma's plans for an expanded concept across the street from his Antico Pizza restaurant prove successful, we'll at least have a pocket of all-day Neapolitan chow just outside Georgia Tech's campus on Hemphill Avenue. Di Palma's plan: a 100 seat gelateria and caffe offering the cold creamy stuff, coffee, booze and Neapolitan street food. Considering Zagat's rating of Antico's pizza as some of the best in the country, we expect nothing but the best. "Cultural gift to Atlanta" indeed!

· Antico Expansion is Eccellente on the Westside [Midtown Patch]