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A 1928 Decatur Tudor Is One Smart Move

[Images via Clickscape]

As noted in today's A.M. Linkage, Decatur's school district was the only one metro-wide that didn't see a recent downgrade in its dropout rate, a fact that only adds to the system's stellar reputation. The tradeoff for great public schools is that the real estate in this neck of the woods doesn't come cheap. Take a gander at this 1928 English Tudor beauty in the tiny Parkwood subdivision, half of which is contained in Decatur city limits. The charming red tile roof and historicist brick and stone architecture have more in common with neighboring Druid Hills than the rest of Parkwood where construction peaked in the ranchtastic 1950s. Unless you have an aversion to toile, it's hard to find anything negative to say about this place; it's impeccable down to the rose-covered trellis. We're especially fond of the rear patio + walled courtyard with fireplace combo. $849,000 for four bedrooms and two full baths in semi-Druid Hills? Sounds about right.

· 210 Upland Road, Decatur, GA 30030 [Clickscape]