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A Puzzling, Historic (?) Marietta Mini Mansion

[Images via Sotheby's]

Amidst the sprawl southwest of the Marietta Square sits this 4/4 $575,000 cupola topped oddity. Occupying a lush six acre spread, the listing describes its as a little antebellum, a good bit 1960s, and by the looks of it, a dash of 1980s; it's difficult to discern where one era ends and another begins. Even if it's not exactly original, the partly enclosed portico impresses with its hilltop siting. If the view from inside isn't good enough, climb the spiral stairs for a 360° view of...trees! And grass! The interior has its charms (original beams, heart pine floors, purty chandeliers), but there's also a lot of work to be done on that Full House era kitchen, not to mention a dirty looking paneled room with Colonel Sanders above the fireplace. On the whole thing it suffers from a disjointedness that calls for only the most confident of renovators.

· 567 Colston Road Marietta, GA 30064 [Sotheby's International Realty]
· Additional Photos [Clickscape]