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A Smyrna Home Bravely Challenges Monotony

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[Images via Clickscape]

Real talk: Smyrna may have been "revitalized" in the past couple of decades, but that revamp hasn't produced the greatest architecture. The lauded Market Village is frankly quite bland from a visual standpoint, and most of the newer housing stock seems to follow the same vanilla Atlanta Developer© formula. So it was with great pleasure that we came across this unorthodox 4/3/1 contemporary that brings something new to the conversation. Technically, it's been around since 1982, but you know what we mean. The home's bright, simple forms play well against the approximately six billion trees that shield it from the outside world. Inside, the place reveals a healthy dose of personality. Who doesn't love Tetris-like window placement? Consider it the $400,000 anti-cookie cutter.

·4855 Hickory Mill Drive, Smyrna, GA 30082 [Keller Williams]