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Georgia's Crappy Pedestrian Infrastructure in the Spotlight

Looks like we've got another addition to our collection of "Embarrassing Georgia Headlines." This one comes to us from The Atlantic Cities Blog, which recently went delved into the alarming rise of pedestrian fatalities around the metro area. National news was made last year when a mother was convicted in the death of her son due to their jaywalking in order to reach a Cobb County bus stop, but it doesn't look like the attention yielded much action - in fact, this year's number of statewide pedestrian deaths is set to exceed 2011's figure. And even though the overall number of traffic related deaths is down, the percentage involving pedestrians has increased. Of course, the T-SPLOST would have provided funding for improvements, but we all know how that went down. On the county level, Cobb and Gwinnett voters approved penny sales taxes that might bring about some change in pedestrian safety. You have to wonder, though, how much improvement is possible in a metro area throughly built for automobile privilege.

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