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Restoring Atlanta's City of the Dead No Small Task

Visitors to Atlanta are often disappointed by our lack of pre-Civil War accoutrement. Tara was never here, and even if it had been, it would probably be under a CVS by now. That's why it's all the more satisfying to hear that one of our oldest landmarks - Oakland Cemetery - in in the good hands of the Historic Oakland Foundation. They've embarked on the third leg of a ten phase restoration, so clearly it's a long term project. You'd require some heavy maintenance too if you had 160 years under your belt. On the honey-do list: cleaning headstones, fixing leaky roofs, and restoring a surprising amount of stained glass. Interestingly enough, the team's coordinating the plantings with the dates of specific monuments; graveyard gardening has gone through the throes of fashion like anything else, evidently. Isn't it lovely when we're good stewards of the past?

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