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Vestiges of the 1980s Keep Disappearing in Midtown

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The former Hotel Midtown at 10th and Peachtree is now fully shrouded in a black covering, and the heavy work has begun on updating its 1980s look in preparation for future use as the Hyatt Midtown. Like Ponce City Market, a construction camera has been set up allowing you to keep track on its progress, which is all the more interesting when you watch it in time lapse form. Look at them go! Triangular bay windows, red brick, and a green metal roof have characterized the building since 1986, but that's all about to change. By next year it'll have been completely updated with concrete composite panels and new glass; even more importantly, it'll present a kinder face to pedestrians with a 10th Street restaurant entrance and stairs.

Interestingly enough, another Midtown highrise (Campanile) very recently underwent major remodeling to remove similarly postmodern details a few blocks north. John Dewberry's revised tower at 14th and Peachtree lost its signature triangular prism roof ornament and dark green glass. When it comes to architecture, Midtown would seemingly rather forget this decade of decadence.

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