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New Falcons Stadium Still Isn't a Done Deal

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The complicated process of replacing the Georgia Dome with something a little more retractable continues. Business discussion between the Falcons and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA) are on track, as is the study of where to locate the darn thing, but at this point we have more questions than answers. Will the southern or the northern site be deemed the winner? Maria Saporta reports that some community leaders - including the mayor - have hinted or downright stated that the southern option is best; its position closer to downtown and transit is crucial, even though the northern option commands greater presence and offers more parking and tailgating opportunities. A decision is expected later this year. The other issue is political: legislation might be forthcoming from a Johns Creek state representative (Mike Dudgeon) that would stymie the GWCCA's effort to raise its borrowing ceiling. As we noted in July, an AJC poll found that 67% of those asked didn't think $300M from the hotel-motel tax should be utilized for the stadium's construction. Opposition to T-SPLOST was fierce, but will there be a similar outcry over this use of public funds?

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