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We've Only Just Begun Discussing That Nekkid Living Wall

If the goals of Living Walls include sparking debate and bringing notice to oft overlooked locales, at least one piece in the art program has succeeded beautifully. In fact, it may have hit the mark a little too well. Local and national media outlets have lavished attention on the mural in Chosewood Park by artist Hyuro that depicts a woman ditching a coat of fur, mainly because she wasn't wearing anything underneath it, not to mention the brazen (?) display's location near a daycare, church, mosque, and penitentiary. As Debbie Michaud at Creative Loafing observes, the criticism was surprisingly constructive until said media put a sensational spin on the situation. Word is that the property owner will destroy the piece with a coat of paint. However, the discussion has only begun - the talking points are censorship, nudity in art, the sexualization of womens' bodies, and the politics of controversial artwork in low income neighborhoods. Go!

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