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Storybook Cottage in Vickery, Stepford Spouse Not Included

[Images via Keller Williams Realty Community Partners]

The Vickery community fights hard against the notion that all of Forsyth County's gentry inhabit lawn-surrounded McMansions. Some live in cottages like this one, which is only a cottage in the Jekyll Island sense of the term. It's got that picture perfect feel that'll either melt your heart or give you the creeps; communities built on the New Urbanism model tend to have that effect on people. You half expect an animatronic Nicole Kidman to open the front door with a platter of cookies. All teasing aside, the place looks well appointed but without a hint of flash. Who knew half a mill could be so homey? With oodles of neighborhood parks and an on-site YMCA you won't even miss the yard.

· 6605 Center Grove Street, Cumming GA 30040 [Trulia]