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Imagine a Less Terrifying GA-400/Lenox Road Interchange

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Buckhead's no stranger to facelifts but this week it's pulling out all the stops. In addition to Lenox Square's own Extreme Makeover: Mall Edition, we're having our first look at improvements planned for the massive Lenox Road/GA-400 interchange. The Buckhead Community Improvement District hired DE Design + Environment to come up with a plan that would retool the aesthetics and safety of the much-used, little-loved gateway. The resultant first draft for the $5M plan includes sidewalks and crosswalks as well as greenery and 80 foot tall light towers. While the pocket parks would do much to soften the desolate look of the interchange, one has to wonder exactly how much seating is ultimately required in such a greenspace. Then again, sometimes GA-400 traffic does qualify as a spectator sport.

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