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Marietta's Not Amused by the Rental Trend

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Signs point to American society shedding its rental stigma, but it looks like Marietta city officials aren't having quite the same change of heart. Back in 2002, City Council adopted a vision statement for the Cobb County hub which included increasing the percentage of homeowners to 50%. Their reasoning: an increased population of homeowners means higher income residents, less drifters, more stable students, and a better overall quality of life. It worked for apartment-averse East Cobb, right? That figure stood at 37.6% two years prior, and the recent census found that it had increased to 42.3% in 2010. While that would seem to indicate that things are going in the desired direction, metro Atlanta's real estate market went through some, well, changes in the past ten years and it's anyone's guess as to how much more that number will climb, and how soon. Regardless, Mayor Tumlin sounds more determined than ever, expressing that the ultimate ownership goal for a city of Marietta's size should be in the neighborhood of 60%. Tonight's committee meetings might provide a reality check.

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