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Prime Dirt in the City of Brookhaven is Quite Expensive

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In honor of the newly-minted City of Brookhaven, we thought we'd pop over to the historic neighborhood just north of Lenox on Peachtree and see what kinds of homes are available for purchase. This one caught our eye for a number of reasons. At first, we thought it was just a house really focused on outdoor spaces. Then we realized that the listing specified the offering as just a lot (house to be torn down?) on between .75 and 1 acre. The we found an identical listing advertising a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath house in the color of lavender, with teal trim. Unsubstantiated rumors have it that the place was formerly inhabited by a professional athlete. Seller's occupation notwithstanding, this is some pretty pricey dirt on Club Drive (as in the Capital City Club, which is just down the street). We're guessing anyone in the market for a $1,690,000 piece of dirt is probably going to do away with all vestiges of the odd and inscrutably-photographed structure.

· 3793 Club Drive NE [Atlanta Fine Homes | Sotheby's Int'l. Realty]