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An Eater Heatmap Update; Thirteen Must-Try Dishes; More

CITYWIDE— The Eater Heatmap got an update this week. Find out what's new in Atlanta, including the just-opened seafood restaurant Lure, by heading over and checking out the map.

CITYWIDE— Here are thirteen dishes everyone should try before they leave the city. These menu items, ranging from the sweet potato pancakes at Highland Bakery to the ginger-lavender ice cream at Morelli's, are some of the best in Atlanta. Check them out here.
BEHIND THE BARS— What do drink-makers around the city prefer to be called? Is the term "bartender" offensive? Is "mixologist" pretentious? Eater asked around to find out what exactly the deal is, especially given the recent rise in the popularity of the second term.

MORNINGSIDE— A new restaurant opened on North Highland Avenue this week, and it's already facing a bit of trouble. Waffold, which originally touted its wares as "gourmet waffle sandwiches", was apparently using a term trademarked by a similar restaurant in California. They've since edited their website and social media pages to remove all mentions of the trademark, but will that be enough?