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Global Aspirations: Atlanta vs. Chicago

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Atlanta's boosterism has been a force to be reckoned with since before Henry Grady coined the term "New South." For the younger generation, that means we've always had a lot of hype. Although some are starting to question whether we've lost our shine, Atlanta still has global ambitions; if only we had a quarter for every time someone's said "world class." The list of achievements practically rolls of the tongue: Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Hartsfield-Jackson, the 1996 Olympics, the Deep South's only heavy rail transit, and our Civil Rights Legacy, among other things. Even so, there always seems to be this nagging suspicion we're not quite there yet. In that respect it's interesting to read of Chicago's similar soul searching, especially when the author compares its decidedly regional importance as being similar to Atlanta's standing. There's also mention of upping the ante while neglecting issues that more directly affect city residents. We'll let you dive into the finer points of his analysis but it begs the question: are we the Chicago of the South?

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