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Good News for One of Dekalb's Oldest Homes

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation is chalking up another success story owing to the recent sale of one of Dekalb County's oldest remaining farmhouses. Lithonia's Housworth-Mosely House (c.1843) languished on the organization's Revolving Fund, at one point being offered for $269,500 before before being scooped up for the bargain price of $65,000. It sounds like the buyers couldn't be more ideal: they're planning a detailed restoration and bringing the property back to its roots as a working, albeit smaller, farm. In fact, the chickens have already moved in! The property's standing as as part of the Revolving Fund means the buyers must adhere to strict building standards and complete the work within a reasonable amount of time. Overall, it's a win-win situation: the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area preserves an important part of its landscape, and a couple of guys get to live out their pastoral dream and renovation ambitions.
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