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A Big Old Neo-Tudor With All the Bells & Whistles

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Morningside seems to have become ground zero for the infill McMansion. And though opinions on McMansions vary, it's difficult to argue that this house wouldn't be a rather pleasurable place to live. Only the foundation of this house is original- the owners built the rest of the 4900 square foot house new in 2008. Virtually every en vogue luxury feature of that time was included: pro-grade kitchen open to a family room, (2!) steam showers in 2 master suites, a real home theater and a wine cellar. The broker babble declares Zimmer to be, "one of THE most desirable streets in Morningside," an assertion we'd decline to either endorse or condemn. Whatever your opinion, the 5 bed, 6 bath place is listed for $1,250,000, which seems about right. Your thoughts?

· 1203 Zimmer Drive NE [Estately]