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The Woman Selling This House Is Unabashedly Scorned

While this can't be the first home sold as a result of divorce, it may be the first one using infidelity strategically. “Husband left us for a 22-year-old. House for sale by scorned, slightly, bitter, newly single owner.” Ouch. No, this isn’t one of those Atlanta Housewives looking for another five minutes, this is from the Beaverton, Oregon (the Beaver State), where apparently active young beavers are on the loose and wrecking homes. The sign also reads “adulterers need not apply.” (However, in deference to the fair housing laws, she does include a disclaimer that anyone is welcome to submit an offer and that they do “not discriminate against any serious offer to purchase our home.”)

Elle Zober is the scorned woman and she used to share the bungalow home with her now ex-husband, they were married for ten years before their recent divorce. Zober told local media that the sign is not an act of revenge. “I just thought it was truth in advertising,” she said. “I want people to know it was a family home. It was well-loved and it was well taken care of. I want another family who will love it and care of it to move in.”

She also launched a Web site with details about the three-bedroom home as well as her and her ex-husband’s break-up. While it touches on the home, it also includes what seems to be a cathartic blog where she’s been chronicling her activities in Beaverton. Zober says she got the approval of her ex-husband before posting the sign. She says neither of them want the home to fall into foreclosure.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?I wonder how this would play out if it were the other way around? Maybe a sign like “Wife Left, Poker Tonight - Bring Beer” -Hank Miller