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At Last: Construction Resumes On The Buckhead Atlanta

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The internets and the Twitterverse are crackling with chatter regarding the long-awaited restart of construction on Buckhead Atlanta. Though we and many others hoped Oliver McMillan would reconsider the name in the nearly 11 months it took to get from their grand reintroduction to a discernible resumption of activity on the site, just the fact that they're getting the thing going again is making many people very happy. As site work began, the project's owners also released (vague) word of their restaurant program. Apparently 8-10 eateries will be included, many with outdoor seating areas on the top level of low-rise buildings fronting Buckhead Avenue near the library...which is a great idea. In addition to the scoop on the restaurant strategy, the Atlanta Business Chronicle has a slideshow of images related to today's construction restart. Onward!

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Buckhead Atlanta

Peachtree Road at Buckhead Avenue, Atlanta, GA