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The Real Estate Industry v. The City of Atlanta

Just as the dust settles on the T-SPLOST rigamorole, a new battle is shaping up over real estate, money and how the City of Atlanta will maintain its infrastructure and provide basic services. This time, the real estate industry finds itself opposing the city over a proposed increase in development impact fees, which are charged to developers on new developments to help fund basic city infrastructure like police & fire stations, parks and roads. Given the rough ride for the various real estate industries over the past several years, developers, builders and brokers oppose a hike in fees. The City, on the other hand, points to the two decades that have passed since development impact fees were raised, and the general need for funds to maintain basic city services and institutions. Suburban counties like Cobb and Gwinnett don't levy development impact fees, yet again pitting the City of Atlanta against its sprawling MSA. Sigh. [AJC]