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A Sustainable Mini-Estate, Decatur Style

A hankering for the pub frites at Leon's put Decatur on the brain today, so let's wing over to the east and find a house that would put one in proximity to the wonderful restaurants and other splendors of Atlanta's best neighborcity. This 5 bed, 4 bath home on a 1/2 acre is just lovely to behold inside and out, and its efficient use of space- it's just 2527 square feet, but it feels like at least 3,000- will appeal to the sustainability-minded types that tend to flock to Decatur. If ever there was a place for a multi-generational family to live in comfort, this is it. There's plenty of room for the twins who recently graduated from college but can't find jobs to co-exist with Mom and Dad. And Grandma can remain snug in the carriage house, gazing out at the large, flat expanse of the backyard, dreaming of great grandchildren mucking about. And everyone will enjoy the light-filled rooms with their coffered ceilings and gleaming hardwoods. This mini-estate can be yours for $739,000.

· 308 Lamont Drive [Keller Williams]