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Mirror Ball of a Condo Above Piedmont Park

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[Images via Coldwell Banker]

People look past some of the more dated features of Ansley Above the Park because its location is sort of major: it stands alone as the only high rise condo building that directly fronts the beloved greenspace on Piedmont Avenue. This $329,9000 2/2/1 unit has a few touches that give away its 1988 origins, but for someone who's trying to avoid the Novare cooker cutter route, it has its charms. Most obvious is the spiral staircase with its neato octagonal enclosure; it's probably not the most enjoyable space in which to move furniture, but the drama's awesome! Also awesome: the toilet paper rose in that red bathroom. Although the listing mentions skyline views from the unit's oversized terraces, we're having a hard time seeing them. Maybe it's a seasonal thing.

· 1130 Piedmont Avenue #604, Atlanta, GA 30309