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A Box of Ticky Tacky Near Atlantic Station

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[Images via Redfin]

Atlantic Station's taken a lot of heat over the years, not the least of which has related to its often flimsy looking structures. Sad to say, this house in nearby Home Park isn't helping things. Where do we start with a doozy like this one? A Surrealist would be right at home, given the way the front facade looks more like a cartoon drawing than an $875,000 residence. And the entrance gets an "A" for being supremely awkward. Not only is it recessed like some kind of deep, dark secret, but access is granted only after squeezing oneself through some truly awkward columns. Judging from the few interior photos included, the rest of the house is pretty standard fare for 2008 construction. Little surprise this place has languished on the market: it's not hard to buy a much better house at this price point.

· 1263 Atlantic Drive, Atlanta, GA 30318 [Redfin]