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Kevin Gillespie on His New Restaurant, Gunshow; Atlanta's Most Anticipated Fall Openings; More

GLENWOOD PARK— Chef Kevin Gillespie talks with Eater about his new restaurant, Gunshow, slated to open in February next year. Head over to find out what he has planned and what the real meaning behind the name is.

CITYWIDE— These are the four most anticipated fall restaurant openings in Atlanta. Buttermilk Kitchen, Bantam & Biddy, Bar Antico and its surrounding San Gennaro plaza, Ammazza, the General Muir, and the joint Farm Burger + Morelli's are all opening this season. Stay updated on the details with Eater's fall tracking.

BUCKHEAD— This month's featured gatekeeper is Jason Rager, who slings drinks at Holeman & Finch. Here, he talks about light saber duels and weighs in on the bartender vs mixologist debate.

MORNINGSIDE Controversial spot Waffold folded after just over a month of selling waffle sandwiches. The jury's still out on whether the shuttering occurred because of the restaurant's trademark infringement troubles or if the concept was just not strong enough to survive.

BUCKHEAD— Take a look inside new restaurant Yebo, now open in Phipps Plaza. Its South African fare is influenced by Portuguese, French, Malaysian, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisine.