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An Almost $1M Contemporary Inman Park Foreclosure

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[Images via Zillow]

This has to be one of the stranger Inman Park listings we've seen. What doesn't look like much from Edgewood Avenue near the MARTA station is actually an almost $1M foreclosure ($950,000 to be exact). No joking! You'll notice there aren't many exterior shots included in the bunch. That's because the real star here is the courtyard, which could be downright stunning if not for the shocking shade of algae green sported by the pool. The interior's pretty spare other than some fancy stone fireplace surrounds, and as with many foreclosures it looks like there's some touch-ups required. If you're looking for room, this place has it; a hefty eight bedrooms and six baths encircle the courtyard. Overall, it looks like a great option for a buyer who loves the historic charm of Inman Park but doesn't want to live in it.

· 1021 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307 [Clickscape]