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Atlanta's Question of Authenticity

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[Glenwood Park. Image via ActiveRain]

What differentiates a an "authentic" place from a "fake" one? That's the question posed by Scott Doyon over at Better Cities & Towns, and while he references Rosemary Beach in Florida as the central topic, it's hard not to think about Atlanta's own battles with authenticity. In particular, our developments built on the New Urbanist model tend to be criticized as Disney-esque or lacking in substance. But why is that? Is it because they tend to be built within the span of a few years? Let's not forget that places like Virginia Highland and Little Five Points were constructed within a relatively short time period. Then there's the argument that such developments are trying to be something they're not. Okay, the fact that the business district of Atlantic Station is private property tends to justify that point. Gee, doesn't urban planning make for great debate?

· Fake, or so real it's blowing your mind? [Better Cities & Towns Blog]