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Roswell Redevelopment Plan Meets First Challenger

With a mind-blowing redevelopment plan created by New Urbanism guru Andres Duany, the city of Roswell has a solid blueprint for strengthening its historic core. The question is, are they ready to make the hard choices? Already, it's up in the air whether or not an historic but compromised building that's been empty for 10 years will stand in the way of a new main street for the North Fulton city, which represents 1/3 of the plan's main talking points.

This week Roswell's Historic Preservation Commission will hear the case for demolition of the structure - as well as the shed that sits behind it - and it should be interesting to see which way the conversation goes. The HPC is known for being a tough crowd, and denial of the demolition permit is a strong possibility. It's the classic preservation dilemma: is the replacement good enough to offset the loss?

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