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Future Heirloom of a Home in Sherwood Forest

[Images via Zillow]

Sherwood Forest, Ansley Park's lesser known neighbor to the north, is a potpurri of homes constructed since the 1950s, including this custom shingled beauty that's an interesting mix of New England and New South. It may only date from 1997, but its old school vibe feels like something that's been inherited through the years. Ivy-covered walls and hardwoods throughout tend to reinforce that effect. The blue-stained kitchen might not be for everyone, but the interior's pretty devoid of any major 90s aesthetic offenders. Top it with a fabulous screened porch and an even better backyard, and you've got a little $1,495,000 slice of Buckhead south of Brookwood.

· 219 Little John Trail, Atlanta, GA 30309 [Zillow]