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I-75/I-575 Toll Plan Still Rolling Along

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The $1B plan to add toll lanes along I-75 and I-575 got a big boost Wednesday when a State Transportation Board committee approved a strategy to divvy up financing between agencies. The money pie looks like this: $536M from GDOT and $510M from SRTA (the State Road and Tollway Authority), with $300M also coming from motor fuel taxes. Gone is the idea to utilize private financing, thanks to a revision by Governor Deal. The plan still has a few obstacles, namely approval by the GDOT, the SRTA, and the State Financing and Investment Commission.

Unlike the recently added toll lanes on I-85, the ones in Cobb/Cherokee would rely on new capacity. And by no means is it the only new toll project under the state's radar. The system along I-85 north is set to be extended, and drivers in Henry County will have the option on I-75. You get a toll, and you get a toll, and...

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