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Today in Weird Midtown Listings

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[Images via Trulia]

One thing to be said about Midtown real estate is that it's never boring. Case in point: this $334,900 oddity hidden away in the center of the historic neighborhood south of Piedmont Park. Clearly it's had some work done over the years, since only bits and pieces are clear evidence of its 1928 construction date. For starters, there's a brick paved, stone walled courtyard occupying the front yard that's got tons of potential; the front facade's weird porch roof and trio of sliding glass doors are a little less promising. Although the various interior renovations don't look too ancient, there's a general shabbiness that's gotta go. And what the heck's with that mosaic-surrounded window seat? Curiouser and curiouser!

· 848 Mentelle Drive, Atlanta, GA 30308 [Trulia]