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Will Gwinnett Stadium Development Dreams Materialize?

In a move that should please more than a few nearby homeowners, the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners is likely to reject a revised plan for the area surrounding the Coolray Field baseball stadium. The sporting venue - whose construction was approved in 2008 - was initially seen as the catalyst for an ambitious mix of office, retail, hotel, and residential uses, but so far the grand plan hasn't materialized.

However, ground has been broken on apartments by developer Brand Morgan, and rental housing has been proposed as a new major focus for the development. Not surprisingly, that raised concerns by residents of lowered property values, as well as decreased tax revenue for the county; they're also unenthusiastic about potential commercial development that's not as upscale as they originally thought it'd be. With the final cost of the stadium and its disappointing revenue stream issues in themselves, the whole thing sounds like one letdown after another.

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